February 2016

Posted on February 19, 2016

PFDG meeting at new location.  More updating to follow but some initial points:

Parish Council:

  • PFDG treasurer possibly given wrong form to fill in for Parish Council grant request
  • PFDG presented at Parish Council meeting on 18th Feb ('Public Question Time') in a bid to ask for well-needed funding.  Still awaiting feedback from Parish Council as to whether they will agree to any funding, but not looking likely as PFDG only represents lower part of village.  Disappointing result

EU update:

  • EU can clear the stream if blockages affect Kingfisher birds, but not if it is 'only' to prevent homes flooding.  This is great for kingfishers but not so good for humans.
  • PFDG have asked EU to mend river bank before they do their work on the weir.

National Trail:

  • Wildlife corridor along the Tilehurst to Reading riverbank has been badly damaged by the massive tree cull by Network Rail last year.  In particular Scours Lane now has torrents of water hurtling down it during heavy rainfall.  Although downstream, this still affects Purley.  PFDG to initiate contact with appropriate environmental bodies to see if this can be addressed.