December 2014

Posted on December 21, 2014

WBC publish Flood Newsletter.

WBC publish Flood Investigation Report 2013/2014 where the Causeway is identified as being an issue with regards to flooding.  (p104 "‘The Causeway’, the access track to Mapledurham Lock, runs north to south through the field to the north-west of the village, and acted as a dam, preventing the water from flowing west to east. The water was instead diverted south alongside the Causeway, resulting in a large volume of water collecting in the recreation ground and the field immediately west of Mapledurham Drive. As the level in the Thames rose, the volume of water collecting in this field increased. The water flowed from the field onto Mapledurham Drive opposite No. 5. The flood water then flowed in both directions along the road, affecting all of the properties in Mapledurham Drive to varying degrees")

WBC publish 'Winter Floods & Storms 2013/2014' Final Debrief Report.  Low number of responses from Purley. Acknowledgement of 'middle' category of "Stranded communities" where property not flooded but residents were 'marooned' with regards specifically to them being a significant challenge for responding agencies, and that "Homeowners cut off but not flooded still suffer from extreme anxiety when  surrounded by water"