April 2014

Posted on April 16, 2014

Article entitled ‘Beyond the Bund’ published in Purley Parish News to introduce the newly-formed PFDG.

First PFDG meeting.

PFDG meet with EA where the EA explained their model. EA committed to confirming whether model includes the Causeway and levels at the lock. EA also commit to provide feedback regarding compensatory storage.

Separate meeting with EA where PFDG and EA walked around the area and discussed lifting of the bridge, cattle grids, lowering the Causeway. EA to investigate and advise.

Planning application 14/00078/FUL for the bund at the rear of Wintringham Way has been withdrawn and the EA are yet to resubmit.

PFDG investigate extent that clearing of debris in the stream could provide flood alleviation, and the feasibility of organising a community event to do this. The land owner confirmed that his insurance should cover any such event. The Parish Council confirmed that work carried out on Parish-owned land would be covered by PC insurance.

WBC contacted regarding meeting with Pangbourne Flood Groups.

WBC issue Residents Flooding Survey. PFDG to compile their own survey which should capture the 'marooned' category more effectively. (no bins, no foul drainage, no post, having to use boat/waders to leave house - need to investigate how these can be made to count towards flood statistics.)